Smile Again

    Smile Again

    Meet Our Smile Again Recipient, Barbara Trivett!

    Smile Again

    Barbara Tells Us About Her Dental Health

    Most of my upper teeth have broken off. I’ve had a lack of tooth enamel ever since I was young. A part of my tooth would fall out, and I’d say they’ve been doing that for the past 12–13 years. I went to a dentist, and he did work to try and improve my condition, but everything he did cracked, fell off, and has made the teeth crumble away. I am missing all of my upper teeth except three, and two of the three are breaking into pieces. I don’t go out too much. I stay home and don’t talk to too many people, and when I do, I cover up.

    Barbara Tells Us Why Restoring Her Smile Is Important to Her

    My oldest daughter is getting married in a few months, and she thought it would be a great ego boost for me to have my smile back. I would love to be able to smile again without hiding my mouth. That’s probably the biggest excitement, is to think that I can smile for her and be beautiful again.

    Barbara Tells Us Why She Thinks She’s a Good Candidate for the Smile Again Program

    I work for the USPS, but I would like to go back and work with the attorneys I worked with before, doing paralegal stuff and running the front office. I have been trying to get the dental work done and just can’t save up enough money because my husband was unemployed for a while, so it’s just been my income. I think it’ll change just the way I carry myself. I’ll be more of my old, bubbly, smiley self.

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    We are glad to partner with Gledhill Dental and MicroDental Northwest to change Barbara’s life. You can follow Barbara’s story on our website,, or on our Facebook page.