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Todd C. Cooper, DDS

About Dr. Cooper Dr. Todd Cooper is originally from Canada, although he lived in several different countries growing up. When he was five years old, his family moved to Southern Asia and lived in Pakistan for a few years. They moved to India for 10 years, and then Singapore for four years, where Dr. Cooper attended an American high school. In 1990, Dr. Cooper returned to the United States so he could attend college in California. Dr. Cooper went into…
Learn about Dr. Teeples

Tyson J. Teeples, DMD, MD

About Dr. Teeples Dr. Tyson Teeples has always been fascinated with the biological sciences and he excelled in his high school anatomy and physiology class. It wasn’t until college, however, after reading an article about cleft lip and palate surgery that Dr. Teeples looked seriously into dentistry and medicine as a career. This article – and his wife’s encouragement – spurred Dr. Teeples to observe a family friend at a local dental office. With this experience, Dr. Teeples knew that…
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Ryan M. Toponce, DMD

About Dr. Toponce Growing up, Dr. Ryan Toponce was always interested in pursuing a career in health care. While in college, he had the opportunity to take part in a medical/dental mission trip to Peru. During that time, he was able to see firsthand the effects that dentistry had on the lives of many people. It was then that Dr. Toponce knew that a career in dentistry was the path that he wanted to follow. Dr. Toponce was fortunate to…
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Brandon W. Reddinger, DDS

About Dr. Reddinger Dr. Brandon Reddinger was born and raised in Pasco, WA, and was glad to return here to the Tri-Cities region to practice oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Reddinger didn’t always know he wanted to be an oral surgeon. It was during his fourth year in college that he decided to pursue dentistry. After college, he spent two years playing minor league baseball before continuing on to dental school. Initially, he considered attending medical school but after shadowing…